Wizard Finn

An Ultimate Wizard Finn.

Ultimate Wizard is a rank that wizards get when they have completed all the trials to get magical powers such as: vorpal sword, blazing feet, tiger claw, beauteous wings, and dragon eyes. Once this rank is obatined, all of the acquired stars on one's wizard robe vanish, and are replaced by one large star in the center of the robe. It is possible BUFO established the school and village which practice this ritual. BUFO is the ultimate wizard and master of the school. When BUFO has given one the rank of ultimate wizard, BUFO orders that wizard to stop a meteor that has been heading for the school for 847 years. The Old Wizards were forced to stop the meteor. Finn was given the Ultimate Wizard rank and escaped the room in which the wizards stop the meteor. He then saved the school by moving the meteor where it could not harm it, employing the help of the Ultimate Wizards. Afterwards, BUFO recalled all magical powers he had taught. The Wizard powers were contained in the wizard robes, which were destroyed.